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Paul John Melvin Castro
Ph: 7704565637
Created: May 7, 2015 at 8:49 am

Subject: New Patient Request

How would you like to see new qualified patients including those who have been in auto accidents within the last 30 days.

We follow the guidelines you set for what will qualify the patients: GUARANTEED. You only want patients with PPO insurance? Done. You want to exclude HMO or Medicaid… Done. You only want 100% CASH patients.. Done..

We pre-screen each and every chiropractic patients according the criteria YOU set. Our NEW service focuses strictly on personal injury cases. We have built a network of attorneys that need doctors to send their clients to… NOW. They know their case will be junk if their clients have not seen YOU within 30 days of the accident for treatment.

These attorneys secure your lien for the treatment. There are no cash kickbacks, just straight referrals to perform the necessary treatment for their clients spine and back injuries. Our method is completely legal.

We have several campaign options to chose from: we can run an exclusive PI referral campaign, spinal decompression, or general chiropractic. We also have a reactivation program where we call your inactive patients and get them back into your office!


In order to comply with federal rules we must disclose who WE are when actively reaching out to patients. To protect your reputation we do not represent your practice… We simply present to the potential patients an opportunity to learn about chiropractic as a means to improve their health and that this opportunity is graciously being provided by a “participating local health care clinic.” The identity of your office is not disclosed until they have committed to an appointment and we give them the instructions for their appointment at your office.

You can participate in this program for 80 hours only and no need to commit yourself to a long contract. We only penetrate within 10 miles radius your office or even less. It does not make sense at all for a person who is in pain who will travel 20-30 miles to see a DC and we GUARANTEE at least 40-60 qualified patients.


All new sign ups until May 11 will get 35% discounts for the minimum 80
hours. We will also waive the set up fees if you purchase 160 hours. 50% DISCOUNT for direct payment method.

Here’s more:
If you purchase our 160 hour program on or before May 11, 2015, you will
still get 35% off, no set up fees AND we will throw in an additional 80 HOURS FREE! That is 240 hours of marketing. That is on average 60 new patients.

All our campaigns are priced by hours because referral fee is not decent and a minimal set up fee of $95 for phone lines, vox files, training, scripting, DNC scrubbing. Our base rate is only $15 per hour. In four (4) hours, we can generate at least 1-2 new patients for your office. You can participate in this program for a minimum of 80 hours and there is no need to commit into a long term agreement. Do the math, for 80 hours we will add at least 20 new patients for your practice who will stay, pay and refer.

*Offer available only to new customers. Promotional offer available when purchasing the minimum 80 hours. Cannot be combined with other offers. Limit one per customer (max three callers per transaction at promotional rate).

Please disregard email if does not interest you. We will not contact you unless you have positive feed back or ask us to contact you to get more information. Just simply disregard this email if you have already tons of patients.

Thank You and best regards,

Paul John Melvin Castro
Fulfillment Dept / Chiro
Your partner to client numbers
Phone: ( 770) 456 5637
Fax : ( 949 ) 229 3708