Test page for Tim


This test page shows off one possible facebook (sidebar, or “widget”) plugin you might want to use.
This example points to my own facebook page, because I would need to set it up for yours via access to your facebook administrative pages ‘thus, needing your facebook: username, and password.

This particular plugin is SHOWN on the sidebar ON THE RIGHT —->>>

It would increase your CSS results over time, and shows an active “fan” base is interested in you and what you do – which can never hurt to have on your website.

The particular plugin shown on this page’s sidebar comes in the free version (shown), and also comes in a paid version that has additional features you may or may not need/want; although I can accomplish the same things as is offered in their their paid version through a little bit of extra coding – which, for the most part, I have done for this example anyway.

If you would like something like this applied to your site, I will need the following information from you.

  1. Your facebook user ID
  2. Your facebook login password

After that, I can have you set up with this and will charge you for an hour to do it – this would include the time I already spent configuring the demo. But, if you do not want it I won’t bother charging for setting it up ¬†for you here. Only if you decide you want it.

So let me know.

Here’s another one that I found after this one – maybe a better choice overall, and it’s completely free too..

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